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Growth Opportunities

Stone Arch Group invests in or acquires growth companies that have demonstrated a strong “product-market fit” and are poised for rapid expansion.

Primary Targets


● SaaS platforms 

● Other tech-enabled businesses with subscription or significant recurring revenue

● Traditional businesses that can be restructured / tech-enabled to achieve rapid growth   ​

● Companies with transformational / disruptive business models and proven market fit


● Entrepreneurial, driven founders and executives  

● Founders and management team committed to collaboration with investors​

● Executives with a proven track record of success 



● Proven product-market fit 

     ○ Growing revenue and customer base 

     ○ Proven / sustainable customer or client acquisition

● Revenue of $5MM to $50MM 

     ○ We will consider sub $5MM for high-growth, high-margin businesses  

● Strong core products, services, or capabilities, including a distinct market advantage 

Investment or Acquisition

● Seed - prefer to be sole or lead investor 

● Series A - sole, lead or co-investor

● Series B - lead or co-investor

● Acquisition - proven, stable businesses and platforms

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